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April 1st - Words of Encouragement

As professionals, students, wives, moms, a woman’s role is very important and have a myriad of stressors in their lives. That’s why I want to offer words of encouragement for you who are going through relationship challenges.

According to studies, working women are 50% more stressed than men, as women are managing careers as well as performing traditional roles in the home, we have a lot to carry on our plate. Juggling the demands of work-life balance, caregiving (for children or elderly parents), relationship issues, and general life responsibilities can be daunting.

It leaves us feeling unsure of ourselves and our abilities to do anything good and robs us of our confidence and self-esteem. But women, do have the power to turn things around with community, transparency, inspiration, and self-reflection from others by sharing their story. As I share my story of how God didn’t let me fall, you are not alone.

Growing up without a father caused many problems throughout my life. It left me with fear, rejection, and abandonment issues. I was in and out of jail and looking for love in all the wrong places. Jumping from one bad relationship to another.

On New Year’s Eve 2016, my biggest fear hit me like a ton of bricks. Not only did my husband of 5 years leave me I am now a single mother of a 4-year-old little girl. All I could say is, Lord what am I supposed to do now?

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." -Alice Walker

I didn't know the first thing about taking care of a child. I was going along on this journey with her. But I knew that it was more to life than focusing on how I will do things by myself. I knew that God wanted something from me. And God didn’t let me fall. I knew deep down that God wanted more of me. And during that time, He began to birth something in me that took a long time for me to figure out because I was allowing my current situation to consume my mind and my energy. I allowed myself to wallow in my bitterness and became very angry. As a result, depression and anxiety took control over my life.

But God didn’t let me fall, he is so loving, patient, and good. And by His grace he allowed me to have my moment to myself but not for long. He said girl get yourself together because we have work to do! It was not easy, and it was not pretty but being stripped down to nothing began to humble me. And that's when my life began to change, and God began teaching me how to love myself.

I am now a best-selling author of “The Things Women Endure.” The founder of Creative Link Coaching. I am proud to say that I am walking in my truth helping other women heal from the pain of divorce. And I just want to encourage you to stay the course because God will not let you fall during your rough season. Take time out to think about what it is that you want out of the life that you are living in now. And remember that You are Strong, You are Courageous, and You are Enough!


"I forgot about my pain. Now I am overwhelmed with happiness. I talk to the other women, and they give me courage and advice. They support me." -Marie Claire

If you would like support, you can reach out to me at

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