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Accepting The Call

Accepting the call on my life came to me as a surprise. I thought that I was living out my purpose by being married and having a family. Going to church and serving in the church. But obviously that was not the case. Four years into my marriage I realized that I was not happy and doing this by myself and not with God in the middle left me feeling like I was missing something.

I began to pray and seek after God like never before because I knew that it was more to life than this. Things began to change, I began to change and in the mist of everything the devil was trying to break me down. I stayed consistent searching for what God wanted from me. And in 2016 my husband left my daughter and I, even though I was hurt God began to reveal things to me left and right and I was able to heal from that situation stronger than I ever was.

And one day during my talking time with Abba He spoke so clearly to me, Shaletha where I am taking you he couldn’t go. And that statement right there is what made me accept the call that God has for me. Helping young women around the world sharing my story and help them see that our Father is the only way to live, the best way to live!

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