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Encouraging One Another

Who needs your encouragement today? It has been said that we go faster alone but further together. There is strength in unity. Who in your life is reliable in supporting you and most dependable in keeping their word?

Love includes sacrifice. True friendships and healthy marriages are built upon a foundation of unselfishness. Nehemiah made sure that in his community everyone was ready to come help each other quickly whenever danger arose. Speak words of comfort to one another and reassure your love ones that you will be there when they need you. How can you create a deeper sense of togetherness and positive compassion where you live, serve, and work? In Proverbs 27:17 it states As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. And that’s what we need to get back to, building kingdom relationships. We should be seeking God about everything. Putting our focus back on Jesus.

When you stare at your problems, they can be magnified and start to consume you. It is an intentional decision to remember the Lord and draw strength and courage from Him so that you can pour out what’s in you unto others. As you abide with Jesus, He will bring victory into your season of despair. So don’t give up.

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