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When to Stop

One of the best decisions you can make when you’re feeling an impulse or facing a really important decision is to take a break and stop. Take a time-out! Seek God for guidance! Sometimes you may have to sleep on it and ask yourself is this something that you should stop completely? But most importantly wait for Godly wisdom!

Most of us have good intentions or at least some sort of justification for the things we do. And yet so many of us seem surprised when we find ourselves a prolonged way from the direction we want to go. Do you see how stopping can be one of the most productive things we do? When you stop to take gaze of where you are and where you want to go, then you can decide how to move toward your destination.

What choices do you think God wants you to make with your time so that you can experience the hope and future he has planned for you? What do you need to stop completely? Are you seeking a closer relationship with God to move you into his divine direction? Are you mending unhealthy relationships? Are you working on your judgmental attitude? You must treat each choice like it’s the next stepping-stone toward your destination towards God’s destination for your life. “Hear this, O Job. Stop and think about the great works of God. Do you know how God does them, and makes the lightning shine from His cloud?” Job 37:14-15

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